Hello there! Are you the one who ends up having lots of files in your Downloads folder every week? Or Are you among those who keep on moving files to respective folders on regular basis? (if you are in this category I bet you are rare). I am sure we all face this issue of organizing our files and folders and we end up either having lots of unnecessary files or having lots of files in one folder(Downloads is one such example). But what if we can automate this necessary unwanted stuff? What if we have an automated script that…

Hey there! Thinking of developing a web application using python? Probably you must be looking for a framework or if you’re not aware, A Framework is a piece of code which makes developers’ life easier. It lets the developer focus on the high-level functionality of the application and handles the low-level functionality by itself by providing some reusable or extensible codes. In this article, I’m going to discuss one such framework, made for creating web applications in python called FLASK.

What is Flask?

According to the official website of Flask, It’s a python micro-framework. By micro, it doesn’t mean that it is less…

Today Machine Learning is one of the most talked-about topics among new developers and companies. Every other company in the market is now shifting towards this new trend. But what exactly Machine Learning is? And why it’s becoming a choice for everyone? We will figure it out in this article.

Before coming to this new trend let's try to understand a bit about our traditional way of programming. How our traditional way of programming works? Let’s understand this with a very simple example. Suppose we have the scores of 100 players in the form of numbers and we need to…

Nitish Sharma

A designer and developer. check out nitishsharma.design

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